ONE Pro Cycling - ONE Pro Cycling

Co-founded by former England cricketer Matt Prior, ONE Pro Cycling was officially launched in December 2014. A British team consisting of  twenty riders, they enjoyed a successful debut season racing at UCI Continental level.

The race team and their performance will always be at the centre of everything they do, however ONE Pro Cycling is much more than just a race team. Through their membership scheme they want their fans to feel part of the team, contributing to and celebrating in their success. As part of their 2017 membership scheme for their fans and members they will be creating a series of events and experiences across the country that will allow all to get close to the riders, management and support team. In addition to some spectacular cycling, fans will get a true insight into the life of a professional cyclist, the setting up & running of a professional cycling team.

They have the ambition and drive to progress in future to the biggest races in the cycling world such as the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana. There’s a lot more to come and we’re extremely excited about 2017 and what lies ahead.


Tom Baylis
George Harper
Will Harper
Kristian House
Joshua Hunt
Karol Domagalski
Hayden Mccormick
James Oram
Tom Stewart
Steele Von Hoff
Pete Williams
Sam Williams

Support Staff:

Becky Frewing - Team Manager
Matt Winston - Head Sports Director
Steve Benton - Performance Coach
Phil West - Sports Director
James McCallum - Coach/Sports Director
Sarah Graham - Media and Communications Manager
Keith Hicks - Head Mechanic UK
Andy Verrall - Head Mechanic Belgium
Phil Leigh - Race Mechanic 
Tierney Maude - Head Soigneur
Dr Alan Farrell - Team Doctor
Chris Rosimus - Performance Nutrition & Sports Science Coordinator 

Check out @ONEProcycling on Twitter, find them ONE Pro Cycling on Facebook and follow them @oneprocyclingofficial on Instagram.