The second round of the Tour Series was held around the streets of Stoke on Trent. Due to the lighting at the scheduled race start the organisers decided to shorten the race to 45 minutes plus five laps rather than the usual 1 hour and 5 laps.

Following the neutralised first lap the team moved up well and positioned them at the front of the race to cover the early moves. Tom Stewart was alert to all the dangers during the early part of the race making sure ONE Pro Cycling had a presence at the front. Unfortunately during the early stages Hayden McCormick ran into trouble leaving just four members of the squad in the peloton. With the time of the first four members of each team to count at the finish, there was no margin for error during the remaining 30 minutes of racing.

Pete Williams also ran into the red with the high pressure in the peloton, losing contact with the bunch which was slowly being whittled down. Tom Stewart and Kristian House however were active at the front end of the peloton continuing to cover any moves. With around 10 minutes of racing remaining Kristian House slid himself into a break of four riders, however Alistair Slater (JLT Condor) crashed from the break causing a split which saw Kristian quickly swallowed up by the peloton.

Shortly afterwards another small break formed but with ONE Pro Cycling missing the break it was left to Tom Stewart to close the move down. 2 fast and furious laps followed as Stewart made sure the race came back together, in the hope Steele Von Hoff could pull off a victory in a bunch sprint. With two laps to go, Von Hoff began to move up through the peloton. On the final lap, as the bunch turned into the finishing straight, there was a large crash which put an end to both Steele and Kristian’s chances as they both hit the deck.

Stewart battled on for the final lap finishing in the top 10 whilst Von Hoff & House were left to battle on to the finish. Next up, the team make their way to Northwich on Friday 12th May for Round Three and another battle at the Tour Series.

Photo Credit: SWPix.com