Trippin Fellaz Yacht Week

- 08/08/2016 -

The Hebredies are a collection of Islands scattered to the top left of mainland Scotland, this is where the Trippin Fellaz headed to for their latest adventure. As they were quick to learn wind and sail power is not the most efficient way of travelling when on a timescale and the waiting game is a big part of the adventure. Exposed water is a scary place in the wrong winds and perusing even the closest of coastline’s can soon become an insurmountable task.

The spirit of adventure had once again taken the Trippin Fellaz off the beaten track looking for that something different but this time is was different, they had experienced just as much on the way there as they had on the trail, after all, its not the destination, it’s the journey that matters. Cue emotional music, sunset finish and teary eyes! 

 You have seen what happened on the adventures of the good ship Trippin but why not cast an eye on what went on when the camera’s weren't rolling.