The fourth round of the Tour Series took riders to Wembley, the home of English football. A tricky 1.5km course ushered the peloton through the newly refurbished outlet park before skirting the stadium and racing down the iconic Wembley Way before a hair pin turn and a drag back up to the finish line.

As the flagged dropped and the lead motorbike pulled away, four teams battled to take control at the head of the peloton. Madison Genesis, Bike Channel Canyon, JLT Condor and ONE Pro Cycling caused the pace in the opening laps to rise dramatically and on the testing course riders were in difficulty from the very beginning.

A group began to form at the front of the race containing 21 riders including Steele Von Hoff, Kristian House, Karol Domagalski and Sam Williams. However as the race continued, Domagalski and Williams found themselves detached from the leading group. With around 20 minutes to go, JLT took control at the front of the race, whittling the lead group down to just seven riders. Meanwhile Steele Von Hoff looked comfortable in the front group as JLT kept the pace high, denying any opportunities for riders to attack.

As the bell rang to signal the last lap, the seven leaders began to set themselves up for the grand finale, with Von Hoff moving his way up the group. Making their way out of the dead turn with around half a lap to go, Von Hoff hit early, catching his opponents by surprise and opening up a considerable gap. Arriving into the final 400 metres Von Hoff held a 5 second advantage over his nearest rivals, surging down the finishing straight the Australian Sprinter put his hands in the air as he crossed the line, taking an impressive solo victory.

With everyone home safely, the team secured 4th overall in the team Classification at the end of a tough race. The Tour Series continues on Thursday 19th May  in Croydon City Centre.