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Altura Product Technology

Our attention to functional design detail extends to the incredible fabrics and finishes utilised in every product. Closely collaborating with the world’s leading factories, we develop and perfect each unique weave, knit, stitch and cut to deliver premium quality to your every ride.

Reflective Technology

Reflectivity is in Altura’s DNA. We’re proud to stand out from the crowd and help you do the same with our own ‘Darkproof’™ Nightvision technology, sensibly located reflective or even illuminating elements and disruptive designs which mean you won’t go unnoticed when out on the road or trail.

A technique used for a large area of reflective coverage across fabrics to ensure that light can be caught from various angles. This technology ensures no detrimental effects to key features of the fabrics, including breathability and ergonomics.

Distributing a highly visible iridescent reflective print across the fabric keeps the rider visible in low light conditions with a multicoloured visual when the fabrics catch light. The result is an effective way to draw attention to the rider whilst adding a unique look to the apparel.

A bold visual element that brings any garment to life using a solid silver strip of reflective material on the fabrics. This both adds an element of design to the apparel as well as providing a high level of reflectivity when catching the light. 

Addition of a colour pigmentation to the reflective ink that's applied to fabrics gives a subtle look when not activated, but a high level of cover and reflectivity once it catches light. This is our favoured technique when looking for reflectivity without impacting design.

Waterproof Technology

Based in the UK, we know a thing or two about rain. Utilising the best waterproof fabrics and finishes available comes as standard, but it’s how they are intelligently implemented in conjunction with other practical design features and technologies which makes all the difference. Taped seams to defend against water ingress, hydrophobic coatings which protect wash after wash, tailored shaping which keeps you covered in all positions and unique detailing to direct water run-off all work harmoniously to keep you riding comfortably no matter the conditions. 

Durable Water Repellent, DWR, technology sees a hydrophobic coating applied to fabrics to repel water so to keep the rider dry and comfortable.

This technique sees a layer of tape added to the garment's interior seams to prevent water ingress through the stitching. The result is an additional level of waterproofing to keep you dry and comfortable.

Windproof Technology

Tightly woven lightweight yarns in our windproof outer layers shield against icy gusts and prevent disruption to the important work of the wicking and thermal layers beneath.

The addition of DWR coating to our windproof garments provides another level of protection from the elements. This hydrophobic finish not only keeps the chill off but also helps protect from light showers and ensures that fabrics do not become saturated.

We use tightly woven yarns to shield against the wind and prevent cold gusts from penetrating the garments in order to keep the riders warm and comfortable.

Thermal Technology

True all season riding comfort requires a delicate balance of thermal regulation and breathability. We utilise intricate bespoke brushed fabric patterns and layering systems to capture air and create a consistent barrier of insulation to guard against the cold, keeping you warm whilst our airflow and ventilation technologies remove unwanted moisture build up to prevent thermal bridging. Sensibly shaped cuffs, collars and hems complement one another allowing for seamless interaction with the rest of your outfit and prevention of heat loss at these critical areas.

Preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from entering cuff and collar areas is an important design aspect in our garments, something we achieve through shaped edges designed for comfort.

We've engineered our thermal apparel with layered fabrics to provide ventilation and moisture removal whilst avoiding thermal bridging and the transfer of heat from inside to out.

Breathable Technology

Whether you ride for exercise, fun or travel, sweat is your well earned reward for choosing an active lifestyle. Our breathable fabrics, wicking technologies, airflow and ventilation features manage moisture build up to keep you comfortable, no matter the destination.

We use engineered fabrics to allow thermoregulation close to the body. These fabrics enable excess heat and moisture to escape whilst preventing water from passing through from the exterior.

Where required we've built an innovative ventilation system into our products to allow excess heat to escape, whilst ensuring no cold air finds its way in and close to the rider's body.

Ergonomic Technology

Improving your riding experience is at the heart of what we do but that doesn’t start and end with your time on the bike. We’re there for you before you saddle up and after you’ve reached your destination, with every Altura product ergonomically curated for the rider, not just the ride. Whether that’s a one of a kind collar, or bonded cuff which protects in all positions whether on or off the bike, or a seamless glove palm padding to prevent damage to sensitive nerves, we’re committed to making products which work around your lifestyle.

We engineer our apparel with articulated designs to allow for ease of movement in key areas such as the elbow and knee. The result is a much more comfortable and unrestricted ride.

Thanks to collaborations and partnerships with innovative and well-respected manufacturers from around the world, we use strategically placed technical fabrics to enhance the performance, function and design of our product range.