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Altura Technology Partners

We seek out and collaborate with the most innovative and well-respected manufacturers around the world, sourcing their advanced fabrics and finishes and incorporating them into the Altura range. Making use of their unique properties allows us to create products we’re immensely proud of and know you’re going to love riding with.

Switzerland based fabrics manufacturer Schoeller’s unique ceramic print coating offers an unobtrusive, breathable, and washproof anti-abrasion solution, extending the life of the fabric and helping provide protection against whatever the road or trail puts you through.

M.I.T.I. carbon yarn has been scientifically designed to improve circulation whilst also maintaining freshness, leaving you able to ride comfortably - for longer.

SILVADUR is a high performing and sustainable antimicrobial technology for textiles that leaves your kit looking and feeling fresher for longer. This liquid treatment by global manufacturer, DuPont, fends off bacteria which can cause unpleasant odours, decay, and discolouration.

One of the best known and most highly respected innovative textile manufacturers, Polartec specialises in modern synthetic fleece and temperature regulation fabrics. Providing world class warmth, comfort, and breathability, Polartec fabrics help ensure you stay comfortable and protected on every ride.

A unique optic fibre lighting system that increases visibility in darkness or low light conditions. SCILIF SunFibre emits light through optic fibres encased in a textile coating, providing visibility up to a distance of 3 kilometres.

Originally designed for mountain pursuits where weight and breathability are key, Pertex technical fabrics allow you to move fast and stay comfortable.