Riding indoors this winter? Here are some outfit ideas… Riding indoors this winter? Here are some outfit ideas… Riding indoors this winter? Here are some outfit ideas…


Riding indoors this winter? Here are some outfit ideas…

First things first, when riding indoors, you’re going to sweat!

When out on the road or trail, the constant air movement helps carry away much of the water vapour that the technical fabrics in your kit wick away from your body. However, when riding on a static turbo trainer, indoor bike or in a spin class, many riders, gyms and studios use electric fans or even air conditioning to increase airflow to help regulate body temperature and reduce discomfort through moisture build-up.

Less is more…?

There are two main schools of thought on the subject of what to wear for indoor training sessions and the best solution for you depends on factors such as how hard you’re going to be working, how much you typically sweat during an indoor ride, how effective your ventilation system is and what you find most comfortable.

The first leans towards wearing as little as possible to ensure that the body is well ventilated. The additional exposure can help keep core body temperatures down and allow airflow from a fan (or open window) to directly reach the skin and carry away moisture.

For fans of this minimalist approach, we designed the Shore Indoor Training Vest. A sleeveless lightweight vest features as few seams as possible, high wicking fabrics and a Silvadur™ antimicrobial finish to reduce odours and keep you feeling fresh for as long as possible. The women’s version has a more open shoulder / upper back cut and soft-touch elastic straps to keep things breezy, whilst the men’s vest has a relaxed fit down the back and at the waist.

Pair this with our Indoor Waist Shorts which feature an Altura-exclusive indoor turbo specific pad designed in collaboration with Elastic Interface™ and strategically placed mesh panels for increased aeration (without any excess exposure). Complete the set with our Airstream Socks for the ultimate indoor riding outfit.

Trust the technology

Alternatively, you may find that covering more of your body with highly technical fabrics which can absorb and wick away sweat allows you to better focus on your indoor riding in greater comfort.

For this, we’d recommend something like our Tempo Seamless Short Sleeve Baselayer which was created with maximum breathability in mind. A more fitted seamless cut, the Tempo Baselayer will stop sweat from pooling whilst drawing moisture away from the body so that the engineered 3D knit and the increased air mobility that provides, can aid faster evaporation. If you’re riding in lightweight bib-shorts such as our Icon model, wear your base layer underneath the bib straps, for extra comfort.

Check out our Indoor Collection here.

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