About Us

Designed For The Ride

25 Years of experience producing the most considered cycling products, and we're only just getting started...

Every Altura product is born out of necessity. Our products are designed to flawlessly function in a way which encourages you to push yourself further, appreciate improved comfort, travel smarter, safer, and enjoy more of those riding moments which leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Everyone of our products start with our product development team, working with an enviable roster of highly regarded, forward-thinking technical brand partners from around the world and utilising expert input from an extensive collection of product testers out in the field. The end result, innovative products designed for you, the rider.

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We leave no stone unturned, imagining every possible situation each cyclist may find themselves in both on and around the bike. This enables us to foresee where an extra pocket for convenience, an alternative fastening design for improved comfort, a proprietary weave to offer more breath-ability or better fit or even an entirely radical rethink of what’s currently available, may make all the difference to your ride.

We’re not afraid to rewrite the rules of how cycling products should look, behave or feel, all in pursuit of our fundamental goal of delivering unsurpassed cycling apparel, luggage and accessories.

Our History

It started with a vision to create great products cyclists needed.

Firstly with a luggage range which was tough enough to withstand the toughest conditions across the Scottish Isles but versatile enough to carry your kit to work and back day after day. The highest quality materials and the most reliable German engineered pannier fitting systems were selected to produce a range of bags whose design wouldn’t drastically change for the next 25 years.

This ethos then expanded into apparel when the the founder of the brand saw so many people commuting with a waterproof jacket and a hi-viz workmans vest combination; why not combine them both to create a waterproof commuter jacket that would be visible to other road users.

The rider was then and is now at the forefront of every product we produce, we don't produce products which aren't functional and aren't needed. Designed for the ride.


We believe in our products and their ability to transform your riding experience. All of our products have to meet our scrupulous standards for functional design, integrity and innovation to receive this stamp of approval - a statement that these products are the best possible solutions our technical, detail oriented and highly experienced development team could conceive.

As a UK-based brand which transcends cycling disciplines, rigorous real-world testing throughout a variety of environments is paramount. An ethos we’ve developed since our creation 25 years ago in 1997, we work with a broad range of cyclists, covering all disciplines, from seasoned veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, all of whom provide invaluable input during the development process. This allows us to verify new Altura creations and provide the guarantee that they qualify as 'Tried. Tested. Trusted.'

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