Riding Towards a More Sustainable Future

We believe that riding bikes is the best way to develop an appreciation of the planet. It takes us places we never could have imagined and opens our eyes to the urgent importance of protecting our environment. It’s imperative that we do what we can to minimise our impact and strive for improved sustainability wherever possible.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced a re-usable, recyclable and biodegradable plastic bag and are using micropack clay instead of silica gel pads to absorb moisture during storage and shipping. We have also begun using uncoated, recyclable cardboard product tags attached with thread avoiding single use plastics wherever possible.

We want you to wear Altura and to use our products for their full lifetime as this can greatly affect our environmental impact. It’s for this reason that we provide a 2 year warranty on all items and manufacture all products to the highest quality, to ensure they go the distance.

Our Kielder Jersey is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric, perfect for any adventure on the trails whilst also playing a part in our step towards continually striving to develop a more sustainable product range. Read more below on how we get this product from the trash to trail.

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Stage 1

Breaking it down

Post-consumer plastic waste is collected, sorted and shredded into flakes before being washed in a soda bath to remove labels and caps. Once dry, it is heated, extruded and spun into a similar texture to felt.

Stage 2

Spin into yarn

The rPET felt is then carded to bond, stretch and strengthen the fibres into a yarn which is then spun onto an industrial bobbin.

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Stage 3

Weave into fabric

The bobbins of yarn are then woven into sheet cloth which can then be dyed, cut and sewn to create garments and bags.

In order to achieve progression you need to set yourself targets. We’re aiming to have all our product packaging responsibly sourced from recyclable or biodegradable materials by 2023. This means avoiding single-use plastics wherever possible.

Then by Autumn Winter 2025 we’re aiming for all products that depend on durable water repellency (DWR) to be PFC-free; and or at least 50% of all our products to be produced using recycled materials or sustainably sourced materials.

There's work to be done and we're always looking for other ways to be better but this is our pledge and one we're excited to be working towards to do our bit for a better future for our planet.