Kids Gloves

Embark on countless adventures and protect young hands on the ride with our premium selection of kids cycling gloves. Every parent knows the importance of equipping their junior cyclists with gear that offers comfort and durability. At Altura, we've curated a range of kids cycling gloves designed specifically to offer the budding riders the right blend of grip, warmth, and protection they need when they're out conquering trails, roads or even during their daily cycle to school.

Versatility for Every Adventure

Our kids cycling gloves range is just as versatile as the little ones themselves - not limited by terrain or weather. Whether the young cycling enthusiast is tackling a rugged mountain bike path, cruising along gravel roads, or pedalling on tarmac, we've got their hands covered literally and figuratively! From breathable fabrics to insulated designs for the chillier outdoor excursions, our gloves ensure that young hands remain comfortable and shielded regardless of the elements.

Tailored for Small Hands
Childhood is about exploration and learning, and nothing should hold back our young adventurers, especially not ill-fitted equipment. That's why our kids' cycling gloves are tailored for small hands, providing an optimal fit that supports natural hand movements and dexterity. We believe that proper fit is key to maximising control and confidence on the bike.

Durability for Growing Cyclists

Understandably, children grow quickly, but that doesn't mean they should have to compromise on the quality of their cycling accessories. Durability is a cornerstone of our kids cycling gloves collection. Made to withstand the rough and tumble that comes with being a kid, our gloves are built to last season after season.

Style That Speaks to Kids

And we haven't forgotten about style because we know even the youngest riders have their own sense of it. Our range includes various designs and colours that cater to personal preferences, encouraging youngsters to express themselves whilst staying protected on their journey.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In line with our commitment to a better planet, we're continuously working on improving our sustainability practices. 

Prepare your junior cyclists with kids cycling gloves that are as resilient and vibrant as they are. Browse our selection at Altura today, where we seamlessly blend practicality with fun for a happier, safer ride every time.

Remember to check out our size guide to ensure a perfect fit, and always know that with every purchase, you're getting the Altura seal of commitment to quality and the cycling community.